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Midwestern Millennials

Being a Midwestern Millennial is about saying "Ope" after you bump into someone, "You betchya" when asked to do a favor, and "Uff Da!" when things take a turn for the worse.  We like to drink pop with our pasty for lunch and couldnt think of a better dinner than tater tot hot dish from the neighbors.  Being nice is what we do although it is not always a good thing if we say something is "interesting". 


Read some blog posts and hang around the site and you will catch on to what it means to be a Midwestern Millennial. 




Each photo shoot for me is a chance to catch a feeling in a frame.  Its about taking the emotion of the moment and saving it to look back on for years to come.  Showing the optimism in a senior portrait, the action of dueling birds, the joy in a family session, the serenity of a sunset and the bold professionalism of a new entrepreneur makes the work worth it. 

I was born in the  Boston suburbs and took frequent road trips out to the great Midwest as a kid.  From an early age I was taught how to paddle canoes and appreciate midwestern sunsets.  Recently I have explored the windswept plains of southern Minnesota, the waving cornfields of southern Illinois, and settled at the base of the great lakes in southeastern Michigan.  

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